Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ergo Proxy

Not unlike my previous post, I take this opportunity to diverge into Anime. Firstly, I admittedly thought I had enough of futuristic dystopia in movies, shows, and books ( I was going to save my concern for our actual impending dystopia) until I stumbled across Ergo Proxy.

Another, robots and human (and questionable-human) contained to "half-hour" blocks of questionable goodness. How wrong could I have been? Those clich├ęd robots only stood as pretty little tie-ins, while the real attention lied in deciphering humans from humans.

The human condition, something that applies to the past, present, and future--that could capture avid audiences and the like. I truly enjoy this series, and in the process of trying to spark your interest and perhaps viewing, I wish not to reveal to much of plot or circumstance. The show itself can leave you confused, or memorized. Furthermore, very good voice acting is always a plus. Not, only is it very well written, it's artistic and individual, so far from the mainstream. ( more so my view of what is mainstream)

Happy reading, Mr.Eure.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Icons:in a nutshell <3

What does ESP, guts, amputation, childhood inferiority complexes, the world going to hell and back again( and back to hell again) and the Japanese all have in common?


Yeah, 1988 cyber-punk cult-film, (that in all honesty took about 4 viewings and endless readings to understand. Just a little.) It was the first to make it over to America, and well, start it all. And since then, as far as I have seen, on of the movies to really show Japanese people, for most anime has some over-the-top outrageous colored hair and over-sized eyes. (Not to be offensive, just an observation! And there are others, very good too, that do show realistic Japanese people, case in point Tokyo Godfathers--I love trannies)

Well, as much as I do love both the movie and manga, I tend to go on mindless rambles and what not, (as many of you know <3> ) I don't want to go much into a non-lucid plot (are you totally proud of my English Mr.Eure?) But, you should see it, not only because it's from Japan, but because it will make you smile---in a depressing, incomprehensible way...

Much luck. (in understanding and such)

Warm regards,


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ahh, the impermanence of humankind

Everything will eventually end. Alongside the belief that human beings can escape that truth, is a belief of something greater than the self.

But, when do we actually meet that something greater, if at all. And what does that meeting hold?

Alichino are beautiful unworldly beings will do anything you desire, but (of course) with pretty little strings attached. Godly and mortal, faded into both heaven and hell.The manga of the same name is written and drawn by Kouyou Shurei. And to grace her all too real world, were people are just jesters dressed as Kings, there are fragile haunting images. Both in color and shades of black and white, it is difficult to establish grey.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita refers to a sub-culture fashion popular in Japan and Europe. There is a arguable amount of divisions within it, but it is essential the Victorian era, Gothic style, Punk and classic Japanese clothing combined-and not available in America :( It is very influential art form set off by the music industry.

Takaya Miou, a college drop-out borders the line of indie and commercial art. Her art surrounds the fashion of Gothic Lolita. She combines modern look with ancient folk-lore story telling. Her subject matter and image rendering always express the black and white poles, and never truly a gray zone. She morphs the delicate lines and figures with the stark, violent, unexpected.

Monday, September 24, 2007


This image and text is from the 2005 collection by journalist/artist Timothy R. Lehmann. It showcases the work of a variety of manga-ka, both well-established and unknown in Japan. The illustration above is the work of Maruo Suehiro. I admire him greatly, his bold subject matter, both distrubing and beautiful is a rare treat, in a field commonly reserved for cutesy-mainstream art. (that is, to Western eyes.)

His detail and just the whole of the work is enough to remind anybody of there place, both in the artistic world and human society. Suehiro-sensei was born at one of the atomic bomb sites, in Nagasaki. Is work is dark and depressing--yet bluntly true and humorous. The above depicts Post-war reconstruction brushed over with assorted feelings.


Ah, the dwindling sunset laughing at this one--now comes a time to write to you. If you have been so lucky as to stumble into this haven, or more to the tune of being malevolently forced in.(By the gracious and admirable one.<3 ) You will find an ocean of oddness and a painfully thought- liquefying shpiel of my writing.

Here, we will be examining the inner most speech-rambling and mind-boggling thoughts and admirations I have towards comic artists. (or manga-ka) I hope, at least, mild blindness will be induced. Enjoy.

This was meant to be impersonal--my deepest apologies.