Monday, September 24, 2007


Ah, the dwindling sunset laughing at this one--now comes a time to write to you. If you have been so lucky as to stumble into this haven, or more to the tune of being malevolently forced in.(By the gracious and admirable one.<3 ) You will find an ocean of oddness and a painfully thought- liquefying shpiel of my writing.

Here, we will be examining the inner most speech-rambling and mind-boggling thoughts and admirations I have towards comic artists. (or manga-ka) I hope, at least, mild blindness will be induced. Enjoy.

This was meant to be impersonal--my deepest apologies.


alexx said...

haha, this is kinda funny

chaim said...

This is a nice blog. One important Comic artist I can think of is Norman Mingo, who created The modern-day Alfred E. Neuman, and drew many of the 60's & 70's Mad covers.