Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ergo Proxy

Not unlike my previous post, I take this opportunity to diverge into Anime. Firstly, I admittedly thought I had enough of futuristic dystopia in movies, shows, and books ( I was going to save my concern for our actual impending dystopia) until I stumbled across Ergo Proxy.

Another, robots and human (and questionable-human) contained to "half-hour" blocks of questionable goodness. How wrong could I have been? Those clich├ęd robots only stood as pretty little tie-ins, while the real attention lied in deciphering humans from humans.

The human condition, something that applies to the past, present, and future--that could capture avid audiences and the like. I truly enjoy this series, and in the process of trying to spark your interest and perhaps viewing, I wish not to reveal to much of plot or circumstance. The show itself can leave you confused, or memorized. Furthermore, very good voice acting is always a plus. Not, only is it very well written, it's artistic and individual, so far from the mainstream. ( more so my view of what is mainstream)

Happy reading, Mr.Eure.