Friday, October 19, 2007

Icons:in a nutshell <3

What does ESP, guts, amputation, childhood inferiority complexes, the world going to hell and back again( and back to hell again) and the Japanese all have in common?


Yeah, 1988 cyber-punk cult-film, (that in all honesty took about 4 viewings and endless readings to understand. Just a little.) It was the first to make it over to America, and well, start it all. And since then, as far as I have seen, on of the movies to really show Japanese people, for most anime has some over-the-top outrageous colored hair and over-sized eyes. (Not to be offensive, just an observation! And there are others, very good too, that do show realistic Japanese people, case in point Tokyo Godfathers--I love trannies)

Well, as much as I do love both the movie and manga, I tend to go on mindless rambles and what not, (as many of you know <3> ) I don't want to go much into a non-lucid plot (are you totally proud of my English Mr.Eure?) But, you should see it, not only because it's from Japan, but because it will make you smile---in a depressing, incomprehensible way...

Much luck. (in understanding and such)

Warm regards,


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